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Get an affordable and attractive website

The user is king and we know how to charm him...

If your visitors don't trust you, they won't do business with you. We create your custom website suggesting your professionalism and reinforcing your credibility. Having a digital presence is nowadays essential to compete with your competitors. Make a strong first impression on your visitors with a successful website design that suits your image.

Allow your customers to know more about your business and the products or services you offer. Take control of the information that concerns you.

Did you know that a website has the highest return on investment of any form of advertising? So if you want to promote your project or business, designing a website should be your first priority. It allows you to reinforce your reputation towards your regular customers but more importantly to find new ones and thus renew your audience.

Digital key figures

45 %

Share of VSEs and SMEs without a website

2 min 17

Average time spent on a website

52.2 %

Part of page views in mobile version

60 %

Share of online payments

Get an affordable and attractive website

Offer the best experience to your visitors

We create websites adapted to the needs of your digital strategy and in accordance with your objectives. We pay special attention to the user experience. We seek to create an intuitive and interactive interface in order to deliver your content in the most coherent way possible, while highlighting it. We know that your website is the showcase of your business and that its attractiveness is essential to you.

Today's visitors interact with your website through all types of devices. Almost 50% of them connect by phone. So we understand the importance of a responsive website to deliver an optimized experience for each type of screen.

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We make your website all together!

That's how we do it !

Identify your objectives
Understanding your business
Define a budget

Identify targets
Analyze the market
Building the scope of work
Domain Name

Site Map
Creation of the basic design
Content Writing

HTLM / CSS integration
CMS Design
Mobile support

Social Media
Digital Community


We involve you as much as possible in the creation process in order to create a website that meets your needs and expectations.

Cerner vos objectifs
Comprendre votre activité
Définir un budget

Identifier les cibles
Analyser le marché
Création du cahier des charges
Nom de domaine

Plan du site
Création du design de base
Rédaction du contenu

Intégration HTLM / CSS
Conception du CMS
Compatibilité mobile

Mise en ligne
Réseaux sociaux
Communauté digital


Nous vous impliquons au maximum dans le processus de création afin de réaliser un site internet qui correspond à vos besoins et attentes.

Website design for small business

Start from 350 €

It is with the help of CMS Wix that we assist you in the creation or redesign of your website. This solution has the advantage of being easy to handle, so once the site is created you can easily modify it as you wish without the need for a developer. However, it offers less freedom in the design of the website. Ideal for restaurants and other small structures.

Website design for professional

Start from 550 €

The better the visitor experience is, the higher your credibility. That's why we use Webflow in our larger projects. This CMS allows the realization of high quality websites and offers an infinite number of creation possibilities. It is also excellent in terms of the responsive properties of a website. Ideal for an assertive design of your visual identity.

Design of e-commerce website

Start from 700 €

Are you a retailer or a company wishing to expand your customer base in the digital arena? E-commerce is for you. With an efficient e-commerce website and a coherent digital marketing strategy you have every chance to seize the opportunities of online business. With the help of Webflow, we create a tailor-made site adapted to the stakes of your ambitions.

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