Video Production

Add dynamism to your communication

Don't underestimate the power of video in your marketing

Video has become an essential medium for capturing the attention of an audience. It is an element of professionalism that suggests the seriousness and importance of your structure. A video allows you to increase the commitment of an audience to your product or service.

Indeed, it promotes the understanding and memorization of your message thanks to the synergy of image, sound and text. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is even more true for video. It's easier to watch dynamic visual content than a long block of text. It also increases the audience's confidence in the message because it generates emotions and empathy.

The reach of the message is thus accentuated through video but in concrete terms it corresponds to a better audience loyalty and accelerates the act of purchase. For example, 24% of buyers consult video content, while only 14% visit suppliers' or service providers' sites.

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Key figures of video marketing

Video is consumers' favorite content


Additional chances to remember a call to action after watching a video

95 %

72 %

72% of people prefer to use video to find out about a product or service.

Average user spends 88% more time on a website with video

88 %

Develop a brand with a strong and effective identity

The video generates interest and gives you a wide field of action. The broadcasting medium can be a company film, a customer interview, product videos, storytelling videos, etc. It can then tell the same story but in a different way, for a different audience. The format can also change according to its mission. The video can be destined for a website, social networks, search engine like YouTube, etc. On social networks, a video is easily shared and can go viral quickly. It also allows you to reach people of all categories by being more comfortable to read on mobile than text.

A video is the preferred medium for a website. It supports text content and becomes a real ally for your positioning against your competitors. It accelerates the referencing on search engines.

A medium tailored to your objectives

Informative video

Explain your company, product or service in 2 min or less

Customer Testimonials

Your real customers talk about their experiences in front of the camera

Social Media Videos

Videos that capture your audience's attention on social media


Promote your business on YouTube or other platforms