Branding and Website for a holiday Resort

Project's presentation

Stella Bungalows is a small resort on an island in Thailand. They had a small budget, but wanted a website to permanently inform about the bungalows they offer and the activities that visitors could expect from such a place.

We immediately wanted to express in the graphic identity the jungle and beach side that this resort features. So we made the website in green tones, but suggesting the modern aspect that the bungalows offer.

We created a logo representing a flower well present on the resort and immediately identifiable while respecting the style desired by the client.


Website and logo

Customer's industry

Bungalows Resort



Customer testimonial

We have partnered with CGW Marketing for the design of our website and graphic identity. We found them incredibly helpful and patient because we didn't really know what we wanted. We ended up with a website that we loved. I highly recommend CGW Marketing - you won't be disappointed. Excellent value for money.

Tony Stella

Stella Bungalows Owner

Graphic identity


Selawik Semibold - Titles

Open Sans Regular - Text


The selection of colors was made to remind us of nature and the ocean. The chosen green is very modern while the orange adds some interesting contrast and spice to the design.





Light Green