A visual identity and a portfolio for an artist

Project overview

Gisèle H. is a talented artist who wanted a website to showcase her work. The situation caused by the Covid19 has pushed art galleries to stay closed, it was therefore necessary to be able to quickly expose her works on a portfolio.

We created a clean graphic identity in order to highlight the artist's sculptures.

The client can easily add his new creations using the administrator interface of the content management system integrated into the website.

Customer's industry

Artist - Sculptor



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Customer Testimonial

Nice collaboration with Romain, he quickly targets the style that suits the type of business, his first draft was the right one.

I strongly recommend it.

Gisèle H.


Graphic identity


Consistent with a clean composition, we used simple colors as well. These neutral tones do not distort the meaning of the works and enhance the contrast and the texture of the works.






Used for titles in its regular variant. We used this font with serif in order to emphasize the artistic dimension of the portfolio and give it the classy touch that the client was looking for.

The regular variant of this font is used for paragraphs. It is clean and easy to read in a small size, which allows for good readability of the content.

Its medium uppercase variant is used for links and subtitles.