A photo/video reportage and a website for an industrial company

Project's presentation

Galvaco is a branch of Weertgroep, an important actor in metal protection in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Galvaco contacted us to develop, based on the existing graphic identity, a website promoting the services they offer and suggesting their professionalism.

In order to enhance and ease the understanding of their services and the content of the website, we produced a photo and video reportage. This work also allowed us to create a dynamic and fully personalized experience.


Website and video/photo reportage

Customer's industry




Customer testimonial

In 2020 we called upon the CGW marketing team for the realization of our website.

From the first to the last contact, everything went online and worked well. On site, we received their team of photographers in charge of making professional photos and videos.

What we will retain mainly this from this adventure? It is the youth, the optimism and the dynamism without forgetting the excellent value for money!

Jean-Michel Bosson

General Manager, Galvaco

Graphic identity


Source Sans Pro Regular - Main titles

Montserrat Light - Text

Montserrat Regular - Subtitles


We worked on the foundation of an existing graphic identity, but we made a study of it in order to give it a more modern touch. The color green was not to be dominant, but to be an accent on the project. It was also necessary to convey this atmosphere, a little cold, of the galvanized metal. That's why the color grey has a lot of presence.

Light Grey


Dark Grey